Jeff and Claudia

CAD Food circle

Food Healing Science - Profound New Class
Facilitated by Claudia Gabrielle, M.D. & Jeff Primack.
New Haven Omni at Yale *March 15th, Sunday 9am-5pm

See Event Schedule - Limited number of seats available. See PDF Flyer

$195 Includes: Newly Updated Detailed 40pg
Fatty Acid and Phytochemical Manual.

In just one day… learn the physiologic FUNCTIONS of Natural Foods, Herbs, Mushrooms and Phytochemicals. Presented according to Latest Scientific Research. Jeff Primack has lectured to 50,000+ live students on the topic of Food-Healing since 2005.

Claudia Gabrielle, M.D. has learned his protocols and has teamed up to co-teach this 1-day Course. Learn which natural foods, herbs & mushrooms sometimes reverse specific issues. We review the most compelling scientific studies and anecdotal accounts from Jeff’s book readers and students. All of the MOST RECENT STUDIES are presented in an unbiased scientific manner in 1 day.