When microbes and bacteria proliferate in the body they weaken the immune system long term. Our t-cells and natural killer cells are busy fighting them instead of removing excessive cancer cells. Nature has provided the PERFECT solution. Studies show the high “lauric acid” content of coconut oil dissolves the lipid layer surrounding viruses, bacteria & other pathogens effectively destroying them. Immune supportive delicious food, medicinal mushrooms & high-phytochemical smoothies are the key.

Results that have baffled doctors have also been seen with hepatitis, pneumonia & health threats that involve harmful bacteria & viruses. In one study, 14 HIV infected individuals were given 3.5 tablespoons (49 grams) of coconut oil daily. No antivirals or other treatments were utilized. After six months, all participants were in better health, 8 of the 14 participants showed noticeable increases in white blood cell count and several had lowered their viral count to non-detectable levels.